• Three creative modes inspired by rhythm, strain and intensive perception
    Henrik Schultz

    Wandern is a special form of walking, stimulating the iterative process of landscape design. While walking we orientate ourselves and try to perceive the traversed sites. Connecting them with our mind and through our body allows us to understand them in their relation to the whole. The centre piece of Henrik´s research on Wandern is the definition of three characteristic walking modes: the Discovery Mode, the Flow Mode and the Reflective Mode. Walking supports and integrates engagement (intensively perceiving space), flow (encouraging intuition), and reflection (supporting organization). In the rhythmic, often strenuous act, walking designers can change the landscape, as well as generate knowledge and ideas. Wandern therefore has the potential to become a method for large-scale landscape design. Additionally, because perception, creative action, and reflection come together in this process of walking, it becomes an important practice of design research. Walkers can generate knowledge while changing the object of research and discuss experiences and ideas with other walkers of different backgrounds.

    The Walk