• Exploring urban landscapes through local storylines.
    Anke Schmidt

    Contemporary landscapes are shaped by urban lifestyles of people. Understanding urban landscapes as a dynamic process and lived practice asks for new approaches, tools and representations. To understand and design future (sustainable) landscapes is to understand, activate and involve (local) use and processes, different stakeholders and their perspectives in collaborative design research processes. Telling stories is the oldest cultural practice of sharing and organizing (complex) knowledge and experience. Narratives are a basic human strategy to structure the world around us, to make sense of the world and to cope with time, process and change. Stories and narratives can be understood as ‚fuzzy’ representations of characterized by events, characters, plots, timelines.
    Narrative formats develop storytelling and narratives as a method to describe, design and convey urban landscapes on eye-level and in dialogue with different stakeholders. The workshop will give an overview on the narrative methodology I developed with the different types of narrative strategies and formats. Using the basic modes of storytelling practice such as telling, listening and creating they support as dialogic strategies open, collaborative, and user-oriented design research processes.

    The Walk